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We deliver contactless access control for office buildings using GDPR-proof facial recognition: give permission once, get recognized automatically, and walk right through from now on.

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In an increasingly contactless world it’s time for the next step in access control.

No cards

The user’s face is his key: cards are no longer needed. Problems with (replacing) lost, exchanged or forgotten cards are history.

Self registration

Users easily register themselves through an app. With one click they give permission for recognition, or revoke it.

Add-on application

20face integrates with major access management partners, making the solution easy to connect to your current access control system.

Problems with current access control solutions

Current access control systems with cards, tags or even finger scanners cause a number of problems.

  • Extra time, costs and effort

In case of forgotten or lost cards, the old cards must be deactivated, forms for a new card must be completed and a new card must be paid for.

  • Fraud and security risk

Lost, stolen or exchanged cards can be used by people who should not have access.

  • Impractical

In case of frequent use, having to grab a card or tag again and again causes frustration and irritation.

  • Unhygienic

Objects like card scanners, door handles and door knobs are often full of bacteria. Touching these can increase the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  • Inhospitable welcome

Whether it concerns one-time visitors or daily returning employees, standing in front of a closed door is not very hospitable.

FaceXS: access using your face

Grant access with facial recognition and enjoy the following benefits.

Seamless entrance

Walk through without grabbing your card or tag: you always have your face with you.

Hospitable welcome

Welcome people with open doors, without losing control of access.

Safer system

Grant access individually, without them being able to lose, forget or exchange it.

Better hygiene

Make access completely contactless and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Innovative image

Create an innovative image among employees, business contacts and visitors.

Improved control

Easily manage access permissions online, per person and per door.

100% GDPR-proof

Our facial recognition solution fully complies with all GDPR regulations. But that’s not all: users can give or revoke consent for recognition themselves, at any time. By doing so, we are setting a new standard in the facial recognition industry: the user is in complete control.

How it works

Discover how it works: from self-registration to giving consent.


The future of access management: privacy-proof face recognition

Find out what the GDPR says about biometric data, how we ensure that our solution meets these requirements and how you can use facial recognition securely in your office building.

About 20face
and its technology

20face is a Dutch scale-up and spin-off from the University of Twente, specialised in privacy proof facial recognition software. The company uses its own algorithms, developed at the University of Twente.

Unlike many other facial recognition technologies, which come from countries such as China or America, 20face’s technology is from and has been developed entirely in the Netherlands.

The future of access management: privacy-proof face recognition

Face recognition is changing access management. See how it works, how face recognition can be GDPR-compliant (and future-proof) and discover powerful best practices. Download our free whitepaper now:

Integration and implementation

20face works together with the technology and implementation partners below. In this way, we ensure that FaceXS is easy to install at almost any company.

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