No recognition without your consent. Ever.

No recognition without your consent. Ever.

Facial recognition that is completely privacy proof and adheres to all GDPR regulations, developed in the Netherlands

How it works

Providing access with facial recognition that is privacy proof.

Why we do what we do

The quick rise in possibilities with facial recognition has led to a lot of misuse: privacy infringements using facial recognition are made daily. We want to clear the name of facial recognition and provide the world with the only way that facial recognition is sustainable and ready for the future: when it’s fully privacy proof.

What does the GDPR say?

Personal biometric data can only be used when a person voluntarily gives separate and express consent, and the person is able to revoke this consent at any given moment. In other words: giving users complete control over their personal biometric data at any time, literally with the flip of a switch. This is the only way to make facial recognition solutions GDPR compliant, and thus privacy proof.

„At 20face, we can and want to adhere to privacy regulations, because the user always keeps the power over their own data”
20face CEO Dick Fens

– 20face CEO Dick Fens

Ethical board

Because 20face values transparency when it comes to the handling of personal data, we have been working on installing an independent board of privacy experts that will make sure 20face keeps its privacy promises at all times.

Privacy & data

Below you can find the links to our full privacy policy and more information about handling of data.

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