Freedom and safety for your clients

Freedom and safety for your clients

Wander detection in nursing homes using privacy proof facial recognition.

Why this solution

  • Complete freedom for client within the ward
  • Not visible, so not stigmatizing
  • No removable tags needed
  • Unique for each client and not transferable like codes

How it works

Wander detection using facial recognition that is completely privacy proof.

Clients can be registered to the system by their family.


The client is registered by making a photo with a smartphone, tablet or computer.


The software calculates a unique facial vector from this photo. The photo itself will be deleted.


With one push of a button, the client or his/her family can give or retract their permission to use the vector for facial recognition.


Clients are automatically recognised and will not be able to exit the ward.


However, staff and visitors can easily access the ward.

„At 20face, we can and want to adhere to privacy regulations, because the user always keeps the power over their own data”
20face CEO Dick Fens

- 20face CEO Dick Fens

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