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As 20face, we are constantly looking for possible partners within the industry. Our solution is easy integrateble to other systems. The extension of offering biometrics to ensure a safer environment is a trending topic.

We ensure that the product is qualitatively sound, so that it can be easily used in multiple situations. Creating a clear and easy to work with situation for our partners, while the end-user can enjoy smooth and seemless access.

20face focuses on the privacy of the individual, while giving our partners clear information about their responsibilities. Together with our partners we inform the client about the best practice for a solution. Making a custom solution for every situation.

Are you interested in our partnership possibilities?

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    Physical access management

    Our technology can be integrated seamlessly into physical access. 20face’s software can be connected to a wide variety of hardware solutions.

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    Digital onboarding

    Our SDK allows an easy integration can be made for digital onboarding. Creating a safe and secure online environment.

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    Two-factor authentication

    20face’s software is easily adaptable to and integrable with other systems creating the possibility for multi-factor authentication.

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    Our development team constantly improves the product by training the software and adding new features. So that the best quality can be guaranteed.

Why 20face

Based in the Netherlands


Contact with us would be clear and swift. No language barrieres would be present and all parties are informed about the data storage and applicable laws.

Fully privacy proof


Users will always be in charge of what will happen with their data. 20face focusses on being compliant to GDPR-law and privacy by design.

Liveness detection


Within our industry we are one of the highest NIST-ranked companies which have active liveness detection in their portfolio.


20face delivers two products:


Privacy proof access by facial recognition solution for companies and governments.



Software Development Kit for the integration of facial recognition in a wide range of possible solutions.


Integrations and partners

Multiple names in the industry already have chosen 20face.

Become a partner

Become a partner

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