Privacy proof facial recognition

20face technology
Privacy proof facial recognition

Technology from
the Netherlands

We use our own technology and algorithms – entirely self-developed and originating from the Netherlands.

Our face recognition solution cannot be used for blacklisting or surveillance. Our solution is fully privacy-proof: users can give or revoke consent for recognitions themselves, at any time.

Together with the University of Twente, our Research & Development team is constantly working to further develop our technology and to apply new scientific technologies.

Facial recognition technology

Face detection

Advanced methods of artificial intelligence and computer vision are used to detect faces with different variations (pose, lighting, partial occlusion, etc).

Quality check

Checks if the quality of the face image is good enough to be recognized. This check is also used for providing feedback to the user for a better user experience.

Face recognition

Advanced methods of artificial intelligence and computer vision used to generate a code from the face photo and to recognize the person based on that code.

Liveness detection

Uses color and depth information to determine if the face in front of the camera is a live face or a photo (paper or screen).

Mask detection

Can successfully detect if a person is wearing a face-mask or not.

Privacy proof

The encrypted code create from the photo cannot be traced back to an actual face and is in a secure safe. The user can give and revoke the right to use this code at a given location at any time.


It takes a fraction of a second to recognize someone in a database of millions of codes. 20face is among the top-10 world-wide in speed of code (template) generation.


The accuracy of our dataset is 99.85 in the LFW benchmark test.

NIST ranking

20face is NIST compliant – 96% of persons were successfully granted access while not allowing even 1 out of 10000 intruders.