Quick and seamless passage for employees

Quick and seamless passage for employees

Grant access to authorized personnel and allow them to freely and easily move around.

Why this solution

  • Gain access with your face: without cards, tags or codes
  • Passage even when carrying supplies
  • Makes leaving and re-entering areas quick and easy
  • Non-transferable access only for authorised employees

How it works

Employees with busy schedules carrying supplies move efficiently with the help of privacy proof facial recognition.

Employees receive a registration link via email.


They then register themselves by making a picture with their own phone, tablet or computer.


The software calculates a unique facial vector from this photo. The photo itself will be deleted


With one push of a button, the employee can give or retract their permission to use the vector for facial recognition.


Employees are automatically recognized at access control points and can easily walk or drive through: even while carrying things.

„The combination of a physical or digital card together with a scan of the face ensures that drivers and contractors have easy and fast access, while fraud is as good as impossible. Efficient ánd safe! ”
Frank de Krou (Secure Logistics)

- Frank de Krou (Secure Logistics)

Use case: Secure Logistics

In an environment like the port of Rotterdam, how do you make sure that drivers and contractors have quick and safe access to certain areas and terminals? 

By using 20face’s facial recognition, Secure Logistics ensures access management can take place without the need for physical touch (like is necessary with hand- or fingerscanners). This makes access more hygienic, while at the same time ensuring safety and privacy.

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