Privacy Proof Facial Recognition

Privacy Proof Facial Recognition

Upgrade your entry solution with premium facial recognition technology
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Facial recognition makes life easy

Our privacy proof model is applicable in all use cases

The user is key: Consent-based recognition

We believe that the experience of the user should be central. That’s why we use facial recognition to provide access. And that’s why we make it privacy proof.

  • 1
    Self registration

    Safe, secure and without saving a single photo.

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    The user in control

    Of his data and of recognition. With one click.

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    Always easy access

    Without cards, tags or codes


20face delivers two products:


Privacy proof access by facial recognition solution for companies and governments.



Software Development Kit for the integration of facial recognition in a wide range of possible solutions.



20face uses self-developed facial recognition algorithms, in close cooperation with the University of Twente. 20face’s facial recognition features:

  • Face detection
    Face detection
  • Privacy proof
    Privacy proof
  • Face recognition
    Face recognition
  • Top-10 world-wide in speed of code
    Top-10 world-wide in speed of code
  • Liveness detection
    Liveness detection
  • 99.85 on LFW Accuracy
    99.85 on LFW Accuracy
  • Mask detection
    Mask detection
  • NIST compliant
    NIST compliant
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Integrations and partners

We work together with established names in the access management industry for implementation, integration and installation.

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Read the latest news about 20face and information about access control and facial recognition on our blog.

Learn more by downloading one of our resources

Learn more by downloading one of our resources

Discover more about access management, privacy proof facial recognition and 20face’s solutions by downloading one of our whitepapers, brochures or manuals.


20face’s name originates from the region and university in which it was founded: Twente pronounced in English, sounds like twenty. Want to know more about our company?

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