20face launches glimpse facial recognition technology. A technology designed and developed for unconditional facial recognition: It is extremely robust to light conditions, pose variations, image resolution and all it needs is a small part of the face.

Based on the input of just one single picture, glimpse facial recognition  technology is very “light-weight”: well-suited for embedded and mobile platforms and real-time applications.

Our innovative approach is based on regional facial recognition combined in a unique way with deep learning and we are patenting the ultimate process flow that leads to this breakthrough in accuracy and speed.





Glimpse recognition technology is now available for custom built solutions.

We have a system of algorithms that is patent pending and allows for optimised recognition in uncontrolled environments. We can handle over 60 degrees pose variations, recognise resolutions from 30×30 pixels, works with extreme lighting conditions and we can recognise people by only a partial image of the face. We are now applying our technology in custom built solutions.

Our software product is designed to allow for easy integration in a variety of applications. We offer it for a very affordable licence fee and a shared revenue model. Our main focus is upscaling our technology through the use of an existing platform technology.

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An accurate and fast facial recognition software technology is indeed one of the most promising enabler technology of the future, from smart-homes and automobiles to safe and secure societies, face recognition is playing and will continue to play its crucial role. At 20Face we are keenly interested in deploying our 20Face facial recognition technology to build innovative solutions and solve real-world problems

20Face is providing services to ZiuZ forensics to help them increase the intelligence of their video analysis software. The aim of the project is to enable a portable crowed surveillance solution for law enforcement agencies using intelligent video analysis including facial recognition technology.

At the Heracles football stadium, 20Face is carrying out a pilot for access-control and hospitality system using facial recognition technology. The goal of the project is to build facial recognition based ticketing, access-control and hospitality services at the VIP seating areas of the stadium.

Robust and accurate facial landmarking (such as eyes, eye brows, nose tip, cheek and chin line, etc.) is one of the key part of the 20Face facial recognition technology. This part of our software is customized and commercialized for face analysis in combination with a database that can score faces.

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Our innovation will give facial recognition technology the chance to go mainstream. A chance for this technology to become a commodity in every household on a day to day basis. Because our technology is extremely scalable we could make our product work for millions of people in different applications. Our aim is to develop the first worldwide facial identification as a cloud service. Whether you want to access a website, or you need to see who enters your home, or to help you pay and enter the parking garage. A glimpse is all we need to help you out!

Because our technology is extremely scalable we could make our product work for millions of people in different applications.

And we make it completely safe. Your facial data and your logging statistics will be encrypted and it will be at your disposal. You do not want us to log? We won’t. We are going mainstream and claim a role as the gatekeeper of privacy instead of facilitating the intrusion of it.


Our team consists of experienced researchers in the field of facial recognition and enthusiastic software engineers who are keenly interested in translating state-of-the-art face recognition research results into practical solutions to solve real-world problems in the best possible ways.

Peter Hoekstra


Tauseef Ali


Hans d’Hollossy


Richard Reddering

Sr. Software Engineer

Maikel Schils

Machine Learning Engineer

Lea Milovich

Sr. Project Manager

Luuk Janssen

Marketing Director

Catherine Ter Haar

Operations manager

Eddy Kamps

Sr. Project Manager

Richard Arendsen

Sr. Machine learning engineer

Dan Zeng

Sr. Machine learning engineer

Chris Broeren

Sr. Software Engineer


Raymond Veldhuis

Technology Advisor

Luuk Spreeuwers

Technology Advisor

Alain le Loux

Business Advisor