20face featured in Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’

Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ recently published an article about the use of facial recognition in the Netherlands. The article describes multiple use cases, both successful and unsuccessful ones, but also raises questions about privacy and ethics.

The article describes how several entrepreneurs, such as a supermarket manager and a casino owner, and other organizations, like football clubs, municipalities and the police, have experimented with a facial-recognition solution. In multiple cases these entrepreneurs and organizations have encountered resistance after implementing such a facial-recognition solution due to privacy concerns.

Somewhat further in the article, 20face’s case at football club Heracles is mentioned. Berno Bucker from 20face comments: ‘Our solution is privacy proof. Therefore, users will accept the technology, even in the long-term”. Bucker thinks the Netherlands is only in the beginning stage of adopting facial-recognition, and security expert Jeroen van Rest agrees. Facial recognition is on the increase, especially with the rise of more privacy-friendly solutions.

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