20face has a new CEO

Now that we have definitely entered the scale up phase, we are very proud to announce we have found a new CEO to lead and guide us through the next phase of scaling and internationalisation. His name is Dick Fens. First a little bit about Dick himself:

Dick has an ICT background from HP and Bull Groupe SA where he had various international executive management positions. He developed his software & energy expertise as CEO at Ferranti: an international software company based in Antwerp, with offices in Asia -Pacific and the US, focused at the utility industry.  After a successful turn-around of Ferranti he used his experiences to start up his own company as a consultant. He has advised and supervised several start-up and scale-ups in energy and software in their growth strategies. From May 2018  to January 2020 he was CEO of Simaxx, a software scale-up in building monitoring solutions which was recently sold to a UK company active in smart building solutions. In addition to a Bachelor of Engineering, he has completed an MBA in Finance & Administration at Bradford University (UK).

Read this small Q&A to get a little bit more insight on his aspirations:

Why is 20face important?

The biometrics market is becoming increasingly important as cameras are omnipresent and people more or less expect this technology to facilitate them in day-to-day living, but the privacy issues are eminent and also very important. With the privacy proof technology of 20face we can really unleash the potential fort his key enabling technology. Technology plays a very important role in society but it needs to be a the control of people. That is what we provide and that is very important.

What is your contribution?

I am excited to lead and be part of the growth journey we foresee. My recent experience in smart buildings and companies active in that field brings connections to new partnerships. Overall I have a good international network and very relevant experience in creating partnerships, but it is not about me but about the team we have and are going to build. That team will be my contribution.

What is your dream?

Seamlessness. It is not a word, but in my dreams it is. We provide seamless journeys, a platform that serves as a privacy proof ingredient for software solutions and eco-systems. In my dream we will be a part of people’s daily toolkit, just like mobile banking or Apple-pay, although I am not always dreaming that big! ????

What are you solving now?

Getting on the map! We have a good set of partnerships but we need to get out there more. There is a lot of news on why facial recognition needs good regulations, but we have solved that, and now we need to let the world know we have that ready to implement. So if you can help me there? Please mail me at: [email protected]

Good luck Dick!

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