20face in Dutch media

After the news hit about the use of facial recognition for payment in the Moscow metro, facial recognition is gaining more and more attention around the world. 20face has been featured in two Dutch media articles, in which we explained how we ensure a privacy-proof solution that is 100% GDPR compliant.

Please be aware that both articles featured are written in Dutch.


BNR (a Dutch radiostation) inquired about the use of facial recognition in access management for (amongst others) office buildings and events. They found that the use of facial recognition is becoming less of a taboo and is more accepted by the public.

BNR spoke to 20face’s  CCO Edwin Hek, where he told them about the increasing acceptance and use of facial recognition. “We are at a point in time where the technology is ready for us to use our face in multiple applications, but the acceptance is not there yet.” Nevertheless, the demand for facial recognition systems has grown a lot over the last two years.

Listen to the interview and read the article here.


What makes 20face different, is that the images or data users provide  are never used for commercial ends or blacklisting. In conversation with EenVandaag, 20face’s CEO Dick Fens talks about why this way of working is unique and makes 20face one of the few truly privacy-proof solutions.

Dick also explains why it’s important to give a Dutch company like 20face the opportunity to further develop facial recognition. “Otherwise you open the door for other international parties, who might not deal with the European regulations on a daily basis”.

Listen to the interview and read the article here.

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