20face in KVK innovation top 100

20face is recognized as 1 of the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands. Our privacy proof biometrics platform stands out technically and also ethically.
The jury writes the following about us:
20face, a spin-off from the University of Twente, is a specialist in biometrics: measuring people’s own characteristics. Such as fingerprints, racial characteristics, facial images or behaviors. With PPBM Privacy Proof Biometrics, 20face makes clear identification of people possible, and with the guarantee of everyone’s privacy. In other words: is the user on the other side of the camera, computer or access point really the same as he is?

Application options

The unique thing about this recognition technology is the combination of algorithms (artificial intelligence) and blockchain. From different positions, resolutions and under extreme light conditions, it recognizes people with the help of a relatively small part of their face. This makes the application possibilities endless. Such as preventing unauthorized use of stolen bank cards and insecurity in public places with access control. But also control during the sale of tickets, customized guest experience, home automation and “smart cities” where ICT and internet “govern the city.”

All services

The user registers once and uses all services of the parties connected to the platform. After a one-off entry of data, the user pays a monthly contribution of less than one euro.


This innovation is precisely relevant now in view of the social debate on privacy and the absence of accepted control systems. People also want to regain control of their data. 20face wants to regain confidence and expose the possibilities. By letting users indicate in the app where you want to be recognized.
Wednesday 25 September will the jury announce the ranking.
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