20face is launching privacy proof Biometric recognition system

The solution enables individuals to fully control where to use biometrics and ensures they are the only ones who can access and delete their data

Enschede, The Netherlands, January 2th 2019 – Today, the biometric and facial recognition company 20Face, introduced a solution that gives individuals full control over who can use their biometrics. The solution was developed to address consumer concerns about privacy and security. Because these are the major roadblocks to mainstream biometrics adoption.

Unlocking the full potential of facial recognition, by securing your privac

Every individual is unique and so are your biometrics. Current state of the art technology can see and detect if you are in fact yourself. That is enormous. It makes life easy, safe and convenient. Applications are endless. Acces control, ticketing, hospitality, security, loyalty, schools, domotica, smart cities, personalisation and much much more. There is only one big question: Who is in control? The technology behind the biometric identification is very intelligent and pretty smart but it is also very powerful. Can we entrust these systems with all our data and the context it creates? The answer is yes but there is a condition: Privacy in itself must be the core business. That is the only way to control a technology and the company that delivers it. 20face is launching a distributed biometric data management platform that incorporates privacy regulations and user concerns in the very design of the system.
The possible invasion of privacy was a barrier to many companies to not embrace the advantages of biometrics in their everyday operations and mainstream use of biometric recognition technology.

Privacy Management

We built Privacy Management on top of biometrics. The way it works is by putting individuals in control over their privacy whilst being secured by distributed ledger technology (DLT), also known as blockchain technology to ensure that there is no central database for enhanced security.
20Face is offering privacy to users that results into safety, security, comfort and/or convenience and clears the way for companies to adapt biometrics in their solutions. It is even safer than any other system because it needs individual’s actual physical presence. They cannot enter a building and be somewhere else in a car at the same time. It is an enroll once, enjoy endlessly system that is completely at individuals service. 20Face believes this is the only way for biometrics recognition to reach its full potential.

In our solution, individuals enroll and unenroll themselves in a blockchain technology protected system where they can decide where to be recognized. The aim is to develop solutions together with development partners, that can be brought to market in a shared revenue model. Development partners will co-fund our product development in exchange for a better shared revenue deal in the future and the chance to have a head start in using biometrics to their advantage. It will be available for development partners per direct. This bottom up strategy for continuous development and improvement of the platform ensures direct relevance and feedback from users.
20Face will be demonstrating its solution during the CES Show in Las Vegas at Eureka Park in the Holland Pavilion, booth #16, located in Eureka Park (Sands). We have working solutions for SaaS, time registration and ticketing.

Hoekstra (CEO 20face) believes that the answer is in giving individuals full control over who and when can use their biometrics: “We have built a solution that from the start takes into account privacy and user-control. You decide where you like to use your biometrics, the data is processed and stored in a way that ensures security and privacy. You and only you have access to the vault where your data is stored. You are the only one who can access and delete and your vault, because of your unique biometrics and the use of distributed ledger technology. Which, by the way, we offer in cooperation with a Dutch blockchain startup called SMILO (also at the CES)”

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