20face launches glimpse facial recognition

Facial recognition can become a commodity in every day to day household

20face – a Dutch based facial recognition company – launches glimpse facial recognition, a breakthrough in facial recognition and a very important one. It makes that it works for all lighting conditions, all pose variations, all resolutions and all parts of a face. Based on the input of just one single picture. “A glimpse is all we need” according to Tauseef Ali, CTO and co-inventor of the patent pending technology “We use new and improved algorithms that make us more accurate and faster. Our inovative approach is based on regional facial recognition in combination with deep learning and we are patenting the ultimate process flow to quickly handle 99% of the faces and handle the hard ones with a special approach.”

This innovation will give Facial recognition technology the chance to go mainstream. A chance for this technology to become a commodity in every day to day household. “Because our technology is extremely scalable. We could make our product work for millions of people in different applications. Our aim is to develop the first worldwide facial identification as a cloudservice. To help you out. Whether you want to access a website, or you need to see who enters your home, or to help you pay and enter the parking garage.” Besides finding investors to help them reach this goal 20face already has several clients for their algorithms and software. “Having a commodity product as a goal actually helps us focus to be the fastest and most accurate in recognising faces. Our clients like that”.

“And we aim to make it completely safe. Your facial data and your logging statistics will be encrypted and it will be at your disposal. You do not want us to log? We won’t!” says Tauseef on the matter of privacy “We aim to go mainstream and have a role as a gatekeeper of privacy instead of facilitating the intrusion of it”

20face is a spin-off from the University of Twente, based in Enschede, Holland and part of The Dutch Startup Delta CES mission 2018 in the Dutch Pavillion in Eureka Park.

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