20face might have earned the Pope’s blessings

Earlier this week facial recognition was addressed by the Vatican. So by the Pope himself! (In this article). In short: Facial recognition needs to be ethical. According to the Pope, general AI tools should work fairly, transparently, reliably, and with respect for human life and the environment:

This can be read in the Rome Call for AI ethics which can be found here.

This is followed by the beautiful words: These principles are fundamental elements of good innovation

We at 20face believe we have developed exactly that. Good Innovation. We have made facial recognition privacy proof (principle 6) and we can explain our technology perfectly simple (principle 1). We train our algorithms everyday to prevent racial biases or other inequalities, we do this in close co-operation with the University of Twente (principle 4). We do this in a multidisciplinary and international team of researchers, developers and business developers (principle 2) that subject themselves to working responsibly and correct (principle 3) And our technology is benchmarked and classified as a top-performer worldwide (principle 5).

So we might just have earned the Pope’s blessings!

Curious how facial recognition can help your company? Contact us for a demo.

This is how our technology works (principle 1!):

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