20face’s biometrics platform makes life of users safer and easier

We are proud to announce Pascal Fisscher as the new CTO of 20face! He has an IT background and a track record reaching from Sigmax, Super B, 3T and Ordina. He has now joined us for a new challenge, taking 20face its solution to the future with innovative ideas. We have asked Pascal the same questions as for Dick Fens our CEO (read the article here) and we are very pleased that he has joined our ranks!

Read this small Q&A to get a little bit more insight on his aspirations:

Why is 20face important?

20face offers a biometrics platform where user convenience is combined with privacy. The platform uses modern techniques / technologies (including face recognition based on AI / ML and cloud computing) to identify a user based on biometrics. The user always gives his consent to use his personal data; wherever and whenever you want. The user can delete his personal data at any time. In this way we enable our users to, for example, open a door with their face without the need for cards or keys.

What is your contribution?

I really enjoy building a team that is able to translate customer problems into great products or product solutions. I help the team in making choices and prioritizing work. In addition, it is addictive to grow as a team and to become increasingly better at delivering a biometrics platform that the world is waiting for.

What is your dream?

It seems great to me to make our users’ lives safer and easier by applying our biometrics platform. I dream about millions of users who give us new insights every time in building new product features. I would like to combine this with maximum privacy protection as well as an acceptable price.

What are you solving now?

We are currently working hard on a new multi-tenant and scalable cloud platform that is able to open a door or gate based on face recognition. I mainly helped the team determine the scope of the product launch. In addition, I try to link business demand to product solutions. If you have any questions about our biometrics platform, don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here.

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