Access control via facial recognition will become mainstream

Recently, our CEO Dick Fens spoke to Security Management (an online platform for security professionals) about the future of access control. The outcome is an interesting article, in which Dick Fens talks about the backstory of 20face and the importance of keeping personal data protected.

Privacy proof

What is unique about 20face is the privacy-proof solutions we offer. In the article Fens explains: “In order to successfully implement biometrics, privacy must be handled well. For us that means that the user has complete ownership of the personal data that is being processed. Next to that, our software has been designed according to the principles of ‘privacy by design’.”

The new norm

As a result of Covid-19 protocols, the way that offices and other workspaces are being used has changed. This means that access control with the help of biometric facial recognition has gotten a lot more attention. Fens talks with Security Management about the alternatives he sees for ‘the new norm’.

Curious about what Dick Fens talks about? Read the full article here!
Please be aware that the article is in Dutch.

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