Contactless and privacy proof access

The whole world is entering a new consciousness of social interactions. There is the current phase with the world in lockdown, where social distancing has become the sad reality and there will be the next phase in which we be more keen on our vulnerabilities as a person, a family, a place of work, a bar, a theatre and even as a society. 

As our speciality is facial recognition we see a rising demand for our applications in all sorts of areas. 

we see a rising demand for contactless access management because of hygiene and mitigation of contaminiation risks
we see a rising demand for usage in online security because of the massive switch to remote working and socialising
we see a rising demand in additional information that can be derived from a facial image such as temperature or expressions 

In the current crisis there might be less focus on the privacy aspects of facial recognition but luckily we have incorporated that in our mission and in our platform technology. We are privacy proof and our technology department is working hard on implementing new demand into our platform and they are doing great!

So if you also have any interest in the contactless, privacy proof and additional functional elements we can add to that, please contact our CEO Dick Fens.

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