Identity management platform

Facial recognition is an important tool in the spectrum of identification and verification. Where on the one hand 20face wants to facilitate companies, facilities and organization in setting up facial recognition in the widest possible form, it also wants to develop a platform where users can provide and request access from distance, personal information is stored in the safest way possible and can only be used by the owner (the person) of this personal info. The importance of creating a secure environment that can guarantee the privacy is one of the prerequisites for successfully implementing digital identification tooling.

Why the identity management platform?

The identity management platform has been developed to decide, as an individual, whether you want to make, for example, your face (photo) or fingerprint available to provide access to buildings, events, adjusting settings to cars, televisions, etc. In addition, the platform also offers the possibility to request access to others. This can be useful, for example, if you want to give someone temporary access to a certain location. On the platform you can see if the person who requests access has been verified. Verification of persons will take place via uploading or NFC (Near Field Communication) of an driver’s license, passport or ID. Finally, payments via the platform can also take place in an extremely safe environment.

Security & Privacy

Due to the increasing number of incidents with sensitive personal data, the need for privacy protection is growing. There is legislation that forces companies to handle personal data carefully, but certain risks seem inevitable. To ensure that sensitive data will never leak out without affecting the quality of service, computing with encrypted data is a promising technique. Calculating with encrypted data is based on a technique that we call homomorphic encryption and will be used on the identity management platform. Since security and privacy are the main reason for setting up the identity management platform, the user is always in control of the data and, for example, not the face but only the vectors are stored in a decentralized “homomorphic” encrypted manner. By dealing with data in this way, the user is always assured of a safe environment for his / her identity options and documentation.

Mobile Application

Ultimately, it is all about the user being able to use his identity options and documentation in a simple and secure manner to gain access to or provide access to all kinds of connected applications such as home, work, car, stadium, parking etc. For this purpose a mobile application is being developed to facilitate this process. Below is a brief overview of how this might look like.

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