Keyless empathic buildings in the future

Recently, Dutch newspaper Financieel Dagblad (FD) released an article about keyless buildings and the different possibilities it provides. They expect that buildings will be completely keyless in the (near) future. What the paper claims is that buildings will think along with the users (so-called empathic buildings is the buzz word). This is made possible by hardware such as electronic locks and software directly connected to the Cloud. The newspaper sees a future for facial recognition in this but mentions the privacy discussion here. We endorse the vision of “empathic” open buildings and our facial recognition solution has solved the privacy issue. Want to know how we did that? Read this…

The benefits of facial recognition

In 2021, the options for providing doors with electronic access control are very diverse. Rapid progress is being made in the area of facial recognition, a popular example of one of the new ways to control access permissions. Access by face provides a lot of benefits. For example, it can improve hygiene and it is safer because companies can determine in advance who can enter the building where and when, and who has access to specific areas. In other words, facial recognition is the appropriate technology for making buildings keyless ánd more empathic.

Privacy by design: thinking along with the user

As the newspaper says, there are some concerns about facial recognition regarding the privacy aspect. However, that problem can be solved today! At 20face, we think along with the user by putting them in control. We create an access control solution based on facial recognition that is GDPR-compliant and 100% safe for users: no consent, no recognition. That’s how we put user privacy at the heart of all our services.

On to more keyless, empathic buildings in the future!

Read the article (page 26-27) here.

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