Nedap and 20face make facial recognition more convenient for access control users

It’s becoming ever more popular to authorise people to enter buildings and spaces with a simple scan of their face. This type of biometric access control can significantly increase security. But the next step is to improve convenience for users themselves. Which is why Nedap Security Management and 20face have joined forces. 20face’s technology, which allows people to self-register their facial biometrics before leaving home (and maintain control of their own data), is now integrated with Nedap’s AEOS access control system.

“For businesses, facial recognition for access control provides precision, reliability and user-friendliness,” says Wesley Keegstra, Integration Manager at Nedap Security Management. “For the user, however, the initial step isn’t always considered user-friendly. They must, for example, report to a receptionist for the initial registration and activation. At this point, their face is scanned and entered into the access control system. And it’s precisely this step that we avoid by integrating our AEOS access control system with the 20face solution.”

The user at the wheel

Edwin Hek is the Chief Commercial Officer at 20face, a company that provides zero-contact access control for office buildings using GDPR-proof facial recognition.

He explains what the integration of AEOS access control and 20face means in practical terms:

“If you’re visiting a company that uses facial recognition for permitting access their building, we enable you to register your face before you leave home. You simply take a selfie in our web portal or app, and you’re recognised when you arrive at the parking garage. The person you’re visiting is then immediately notified of your arrival and the receptionist welcomes you with the drink you chose when registering at home. Your Covid status is also forwarded to the company you’re visiting. Another benefit of facial recognition is, of course, that physical access cards no longer have to be made or issued. What’s equally important is that you manage your own data and can delete your profile at any time.”

People first, technology second

Wesley Keegstra is pleased that Nedap’s AEOS access control system now integrates with the 20face solution, and views the collaboration as a logical consequence of Nedap’s people-first philosophy:

“At Nedap, we say that ‘people come first and technology second’. The solution offered by 20face is a prime example of extremely innovative technology that looks first at convenience for the user. This integration truly makes facial recognition convenient for users. And companies using AEOS can manage everything they need in relation to it from their single AEOS access control interface.”

About 20face

20face is a Dutch company that develops privacy-proof facial recognition software. The enterprise was established in 2017 as a spin-off from the University of Enschede and has offices in Enschede and Amstelveen.

About Nedap N.V.

Nedap focuses on the development and delivery of Technology for Life: technological solutions for working more pleasantly and successfully. Nedap N.V. employs more than 800 people around the world. The enterprise was established in 1929 and has been listed on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters are in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

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