Occluded faces are no match for 20face

The coronavirus affects our daily activities and more and more people are covering their faces because of it. Is this a problem for facial recognition? In a news article we learned that a Chinese company has developed facial recognition software in which people wearing mouth caps can be recognized. But is this new? NO! Watch the video article here: Chinese technologie herkent gezichten met mondkapjes

Privacy proof recognition of occluded faces

Whilst this recognition may sound revolutionary, 20face has already been applying this for many years. We have developed very accurate and fast algorithms that can also recognize occluded faces in different situations, see the pictures below. Our technology is developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with the University of Twente. See our pitch here: 20face pitch.

Curious on how we can detect occluded faces in a privacy proof way? Send a message to our scientific department by clicking here.

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