Privacy by design is so much more than being GDPR compliant

Privacy by design, what does that mean? Well of course it means that you do not invade the privacy of users. So it is like being GDPR compliant, but it is more than that. It is being proactive.

A lot of companies actually present themselves as GDPR compliant nowadays. This can look like being Privacy by Design, but the difference is this:

Compliant means that you somehow fit (either in good or bad faith) into the set of rules that have been given. Which can be interpreted differently all around the world.

“Privacy by Design is an approach taken when creating new technologies and systems. It is when privacy is incorporated into tech and systems, by default. It means your product is designed with privacy as a priority, along with whatever other purposes the system serves.”


For 20face this means that you take responsibility as a company to be and remain privacy proof. It is intrinsic.

And that is in very simple things. Take for instance this article about opting out for facial recognition at an airport.  It is taken for granted that facial recognition technology will be a structural part of airport security in the future. But you can opt-out…

That is strange! That is like stating that privacy invasion is the standard, but you can opt-out? That may seem like a good privacy option, but it is actually the opposite. And you are almost sure to raise suspicion if you opt-out of facial recognition.

Privacy by design is based on seven “foundational principles”:

Proactive not reactive; preventive not remedial.
Privacy as the default setting.
Privacy embedded into design.
Full functionality – positive-sum, not zero-sum.
End-to-end security – full lifecycle protection.
Visibility and transparency – keep it open.
Respect for User Privacy

At 20face we take this very seriously. We believe this is the only way that facial recognition technology can thrive and have an important role in our society. In a positive way! That is why we developed a Privacy Proof platform.

Being privacy proof is not something you are, it is something you want to be. It is a pro-active and dynamic aspiration that is ever-evolving. This is what you buy into if you partner up with 20Face!

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